Why use MapX?

Why use MapX?

Let’s dig deeper into how MapX will help us.

Why MapX

As we all know, MapX is made due to the observation that people are having a hard time, especially in the payment process of their real property taxes. Due to the outdated market value schedules, the government losses up to billions in Real Property Tax.

Some government offices in our country are currently still using the traditional way to pay real property taxes and tax mapping processes. They are even not exposed to the technologies we have to make people’s lives a lot easier.  

In this pandemic, we should think of some strategies or ways to innovate essential services to help our government and our people. MapX is very timely since it gives us options to maximize our time and be productive. All while following the government’s protocol to stay at home and help avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Moreover, it will also help our government to have fast-moving transactions through automation and digitization services.

Why do we need to use MapX?

Aside from a hassle-free transaction in real property tax payment, government transactions will become automated. Tax mapping is a long process using the manual or traditional way. But, in MapX, you can have it digitized in just a short period.

Using technology in this modern world is inevitable. And through MapX, we’ll be able to experience a more comfortable, faster, and better life by making transactions accessible at the tip of your hand.