Strengthening LGU’s Real Property Tax: A way to cope with CoVid 19

Strengthening LGU’s Real Property Tax: A way to cope with CoVid 19

The unexpected advent of the CoVid-19 pandemic had impacted people across the globe. The outbreak had several adverse effects, including the massive layoff of employees, stoppage of business operations, government resources shrinking. And, last but not least, is the fear that it instilled into the public’s minds.

Despite all these, efforts to serve and patriotism are seen on numerous occasions to help a needy one. Not to mention our brave and modern heroes – our medical frontliners, who work tirelessly 27/4 to combat CoVid 19 pandemic.

CoVid 19

The government has been relentless in taking actions that will lessen the impact of the CoVid 19. It had exhausted all its resources. The government even went the extra mile to ask for additional support from foreign investors. Thus, making the total national debt a staggering $8.6 trillion.

The government and its people should work hand in hand to lessen the impact brought by the pandemic. In June 2020, the Asia Development Bank had green-lighted over $26.5 million loans so that the Philippine local governments can assess property taxes digitally. This loan grant aims to strengthen LGU’s real property tax collection. By shifting to advance information technology tools relevant in updating tax maps, valuation and assessment, and collection. This, however, will lead to the continued delivery of accessible and quality public service.

Robert Boothe, ADB senior public management specialist for Southeast Asia, added that “Local governments play a critical role in poverty reduction. Mobilizing local revenue in an efficient, equitable, and transparent manner is vital to local governments’ goal of delivering accessible, quality public services. This new project will provide the digital tools, systems, and local staff training needed to help local governments raise revenue”.

Therefore, it is time for our local officials to adopt technologies and services readily available in the market. That will aim to improve property tax collection and speed-up recovery from the pandemic. The time is now to level-up our system and process in administering real property tax. To achieve the greater good and provide lasting public service to the Filipino people.