Circinus – MapX AI Technology

Circinus – MapX AI Technology

Artificial Intelligence or AI has been a buzzword for quite some time, and who would not be amazed by the things it can do. What about an AI that captures technical descriptions on a map and reflects the survey plan digitally? You haven’t heard of it, have you? Well, guess what, MapX made it for you—introducing Circinus!

Circinus - MapX AI Technolgoy

The alpha version software has three modules; the My Workspace, Survey Plan Manipulation, and Extraction of Technical Data.

a. My Workspace
Circinus automatically creates a workspace for convenience on file management and smooth data extraction. It will also provide the user with a workspace ID as its workspace name and saves the data on that workspace located in the Circinus system directory.

b. Survey Plan Manipulation
Circinus needs the technical description table from the survey plan to perform data extraction. Therefore, the user needs to select the table using the module’s imaging tools.

c. Extraction of Technical Data
Circinus uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to capture details and descriptions on a given map. The application needs a local computing resource to achieve the desired digitized output. For instance, GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is crucial to perform Circinus’s AI Data Capture Technology. So, the higher the GPU, the faster for it to process and display the data.

Furthermore, this module serves as the data extraction feature for the selected table. In addition to GPU, the number of rows present in the image also affects the processing time of data extraction.

See how Circinus works in the video below.