MapX presents services to Davao De Oro ITCD Team

MapX presents services to Davao De Oro ITCD Team

MapX presents to Davao De Oro

The Manage Your Assets, Properties, and Map It for Visualization, or MapX, presents its services to the Davao De Oro ITCD Team. The meeting aims to provide end-to-end solutions for Davao de Oro and its real property owners. The activity features MapX services that could help LGU’s and RPU owners solve and improve real property valuation, assessment, and payment problems.

On August 19, 2020, MapX conducted an initial online meeting with the representatives from the Province of Davao De Oro. One of the meeting’s objective is to create a partnership and help improve real property tax collection in the Province. The meeting was participated by IT department Head and Provincial Information and Technology Officer, Ms. Joyzel Odin and representatives from the assessor’s and planning office. The MapX management team is also present during the meeting to present each project’s service and features.

Dr. Rolyn C. Daguil, MapX Project Leader, initiated and presented the meeting’s agenda and the overview of the project proposal. Mr. Dave Asis, the MapX lead programmer, then started the demonstration of the MapX service. He discussed the platform of MapX and showed the convenience of using its services.

Mr. James Earl Cubillas, the software engineer of MapX, presented one of the fantastic and noticeable features of MapX, the Circinus. As a result, the participants were astonished. Finally, the MapX Mobile Application was tackled by Mr. Jhon Sherwin C. Tadios. He explained that through MapX mobile application, property tax payment would be more convenient and less hassle.

After demonstrating the features of MapX, the participants threw some questions for clarifications that the presenters confidently answered. Although hindered by the Covid-19 pandemic, the team is making all efforts to create a solution that will help the government improve and increase the tax collection revenues.

The promotional activity is a success. The team is looking forward to having a successful partnership with the Province soon. The team is very excited as it gradually realizes its vision of providing advance real property tax solutions to the local government units within the Caraga region and its neighboring provinces.